Pirate Mom Black Handed Pants (blackhanddpants) wrote in lost_woods,
Pirate Mom Black Handed Pants


Hello! I love good nature writing, and was glad to find this group. Berry
is a favorite of mine, although not just for nature writing. My own work
has been published in South Carolina Wildlife Magazine and Smoky Mountain

Those of you who write, what are you working on right now? I have no
nature writing in progress, although there is one stalled essay about
tomatoes that I need to get back to . . .
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welcome! :) I am not doing a lot of anything right now ( I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome :I) but my next nature writing project is to write a collection of short stories that make aspects of nature (such as the forrest) that are traditionaly a scary/bad place, into something more positive :).
Nature and writing are more seperate interests for me usually. What kind of articles have you written?
What kind of articles generally, or what kind of nature pieces? I wrote and sold one piece about mountain hiking with my kid sister, and another about trying to see the Perseid meteors in the Great Smoky Mountains.
I keep my nature writing mostly in my blog for now. My main desire is to get to know my habitat much better than I do - garden, wilderness, the whole bit. I seem to be building foundation right now, rather than carrying out any specific projects. I write as a day job currently, which somewhat smashes all desire to do so on off time. My other publications are boring academic things.

and am reading Robbing the Bees and an earthworm book, title and author of which I cannot at the moment remember...
I just picked up and have been reading a "Best American Science and Nature" essays book, which unfortunately seems to be either science or fluff; I haven't found any nature writing in it yet.

My senior honors project is a series of essays and short stories exploring the importance of place, and why caring about the world, especially the environment and nature is vital. I say that a lot better in my proposal, but summer's scrambled my brains. Which unfortunately means writing is sort of sputtering and stalled right now too ... Part of what I write will be addressing my own experiences growing up in the backwoods of central Idaho and the other part will be incorporating and mussing on other writer's experiences.

I like to write hiking stories, and even when I'm writing fantasy or something else, I tend to end up describing the landscape, and getting lost in building the world and not finishing anything because I'm too busy drawing maps!